Body & Soul

Some people want be aware of their bodies; others are searching for their inner balance.

Pilates promote endurance, coordination and body awareness.






Maria Dietrich

Fit & Flexible (senior-sport)

Team PhysioLech

Body Toning

Maria Dietrich

*Participation is possible for single hours (price for 1 course unit € 14,--),

through a block of 5 (price for 5 course units € 52,--) as well as with a block of 10 (price for 10 course units € 88,--).

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Tennis lessons / coaching / only winter season

Heiner Neubaur:  tennis coach; Tel: +43 676 6944667; Email:

2 titles as German team champion (H 40); 7 titles as Bavarian team champion (H 40)

Private tuition for all divisions: € 50,00

Group lessons from 2 pers.: € 30,00 /p.p.

Teaching module 50 minutes, excl. pitch fee

Special hits, build-up training, video analysis

Booking via email or by telephone