Endurance park


Whole-body training, Flex Deck cushioning and shock absorbing system, pulse monitor, step sensor, large running area.

Elliptical cross-trainer

Low-impact training, natural and fluid movements, extra-large tread, accessible resistance control, pulse monitor, varied workout.

Summit Trainer

The peak of latest cardio innovation! Climbing exercise combined with the movements of a cross-trainer. Ultimate versatility through different postures and step lengths, low-impact whole-body training, varied workout, pulse monitoring.

Reclining ergometer

The reclining bicycle guarantees comfortable and gentle training! Easily adjustable seat and luxury backrest. Pulse monitor. Varied workout.

Sitting ergometer

Advanced technology, simple seat adjustment and easy-to-reach controls. Height-adjustment in seated position, seat positioning at correct angle to pedal pivot shaft, pulse monitoring, varied workout.

Concept II rower

Successful whole-body training and fluid movements. Ergonomically shaped seat and specially formed handles take the strain off the shoulders and neck.