Personal Training/Trainingsplanung

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Mag. Ricarda Holzleitner

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Personal Training

Training Plan

Introduction to the proper use of the machines

Goal-orientated power- and cardiotraining


If you want to achieve a special training goal or are unsure about the right training, an individual designed training plan based on your preconditions, possibilities, need and goals can be very useful.

Leg axis stabilisation Training

Balance and Coordination Training

Training Plan for power training based on maximal power test.

Mobilisation and Streching

Personal Training Plan also for use at home (e.g. Cardio Training for loosing weight, Power Training for individual needs, senso-motorik training for prevention of accidents, etc.)

Price € 75,-- for one unit (appr. 60-90 minutes) Price € 75,-- for Design of the complete Training plan