Power park

Circuit series

Train your power and improve your well-being. User-friendly equipment offers simple, motivating training programmes and visible results. Special features:

  • Resistance setting at the press of a button
  • Equipment for everyone: beginners, advanced users, experts
  1. Abdominals
  2. Biceps curl
  3. Triceps press
  4. Chest press
  5. Leg curl
  6. Leg extension
  7. Lat pulldown
  8. Row
  9. Squat
  10. Shoulder press

Signature series (individual stations):

Totally new and for users of all fitness levels. Special features:

  • A weight-regulating system can raise resistance in steps by simply turning a knob.
  • Visually highlighted exercise charts with clear marking at highly visible points offer clear, simple instructions for carrying out each exercise correctly.
  1. Seated leg curl
  2. Leg extension
  3. Seated leg press
  4. Hip abductor
  5. Hip adductor
  6. Glutes
  7. Torso rotation
  8. Chest press
  9. Fly
  10. Back extension
  11. Lateral raise

Multi-jungle (weight stack towers)

Multi-dimensional power training. User-defined movements enable a variety of exercises for balance, stability and power.

  1. Dual pulley pulldown
  2. Triceps pushdown
  3. Dual pulley row
  4. Adjustable crossover

Benches & Racks

  1. Adjustable bench
  2. Olympic flat bench
  3. Olympic incline bench
  4. Olympic weight tree
  5. Ab crunch bench

Free weights

  1. 2 - 30 kg dumb-bell
  2. Olympic disc pack 315kg (28p)
  3. Olympic training bar
  4. Medicine ball 2 - 10kg
  5. Gymnastics balls
  6. Free-standing box technique bag